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Alice Hirdes

email alice.hirdes(at)

Dr. Alice Hirdes, a nurse who holds a doctoral degree in Psychology, is currently full professor of Mental Health (Nursing and Psychology) at the Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA). She has participated in the discussions on the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform and on the development of a network of community-based mental health services since 1990. In addition to her academic experience, she took part in the implementation and coordinated one of the first Brazilian Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS) which have been acknowledged as an important innovation in mental health decentralization by the Ministry of Health. She has presently carrying out researches on implementation on mental health in Primary Health Care. Her areas of interest have focused on the matrix support in mental health for primary care providers, on the need for integrated services and on the development of human resources in mental health in specialized and non-specialized settings. Ongoing researches have been aligned with transversal principles concerning universal access and equity, comprehensive care, human rights and intersectoral approaches. She also works as an ad hoc consultant at the Brazilian Ministry of Education in order to authorize and accredit courses, besides assessing higher education institutions in the country.

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