Bios of Current Members

Elizabeth P. Howard, PhD, RN, ACNP, ANP-BC, FAAN
Associate Professor

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Dr. Elizabeth P. Howard is an Associate Professor at Northeastern University, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, School of Nursing. She also is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, Distinguished Scholar and Fellow with in the National Academies of Practice, a Butler-Williams Scholar at the National Institute of Aging, and a Scholar with the Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing Research. Currently, she serves as the Northeastern University faculty representative in the National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence. With her initial appointment at Northeastern University, Dr. Howard primarily was responsible for developing graduate programs in the School of Nursing. She founded and then directed the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program, the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program, the Geriatric Specialty within  the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program, and the PhD Program in Nursing. In previous years, concurrently while directing the graduate nursing programs, she conducted several small pilot projects testing interventions to improve the cardiovascular health status of community-dwelling, older adult women, building on her in-patient nursing experience with cardiac patients. In the role for 20 years, Dr. Howard continues to work (part-time - weekends/holidays) as an acute care nurse practitioner in an urgent care setting where she triages or manages adults with acute and episodic illnesses. Approximately 50% of the patients she sees are older adults.

In addition to her academic position, Dr. Howard holds an appointment as an adjunct scientist at the Institute for Aging Research, Hebrew SeniorLife. Since her appointment at IFAR, her area of research has expanded to examine health care interventions for maintaining the health, well-being, and quality of life among older adults living in the community. She has worked with senior scientists to examine interRAI assessment data sets and plan health care interventions addressing unmet needs among older adult populations. She has co-authored publications that report on the development of “risk scales” based on data from the interRAI suite of assessment tools. Dr. Howard is a member of interRAI’s Network in Integrated Care and Aging.

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