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Community Health Assessment (CHA)


The interRAI Community Health Assessment (interRAI CHA) instrument and its accompanying supplements comprise a robust assessment system. Everyone receives the core assessment called CHA; only those with specific problem sets receive one or more of the four supplements. This modularized approach to assessment lets a person’s needs and preferences be tracked using the fewest number of assessment items possible. Further, it allows for the assessment of persons living in a range of settings, from independent residences through assisted living. This flexibility provides the ability to track persons as they move along the continuum of care, while requiring staff to learn only one assessment system.


All persons are to be assessed with the interRAI CHA, which includes the items required to trigger four types of supplements described briefly below.  The CHA triggers seventeen of the twenty-seven interRAI Generation 2 CAPs; the CHA and the Functional Supplement together trigger the entire set of CAPs as well as a variety of other interRAI scales and quality indicators.


CHA Supplements



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