Acute Care (AC)

The interRAI Acute Care (AC) Assessment v 9.3 is a comprehensive assessment system designed to support assessment of all adults admitted to the acute care setting.  Its primary purpose is to identify clinical, functional and psychosocial problems, including to screen for syndromes such as delirium, dementia and under-nutrition, and to identify patients at risk of adverse events such as delirium, falls and pressure ulcers.  Research has demonstrated that, although these problems are more common among hospitalized older patients, they are also becoming increasingly common in younger hospitalized patients. 

The interRAI AC Assessment System also includes a range of scales to measure problem severity, measures to understand pre-morbid function, and a set of quality indicators to appraise the overall care provided to adult patients in acute care settings.

The interRAI AC Assessment System comprises 56 clinical observations that can be scored on average in 15 minutes.  It is designed to be applied soon after a patient is admitted to an inpatient setting, with capacity to adjust the assessment for 24 hours as the patient’s function and behaviour are observed.  Additionally, it should be noted that this assessment system collects far fewer items than most existing nursing admission assessments covering the same issues. It has been purposefully designed with the input of nurses to significantly reduce the existing burden of nursing documentation. Its associated “discharge assessment” also enables the collection of 9 Quality Indicators, developed by interRAI and in line with commonly collected QI measures, to be scored and reported as is required.

The interRAI AC Assessment System is a central component of the integrated interRAI Hospital Systems that together provide the basis for a complete system across the hospital continuum of care.

Note:  Prior to 2017, the term interRAI Acute Care referred to the upgraded interRAI Acute Care for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (AC-CGA) System which supports those patients who have more complex assessment and care requirements.

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