Bios of Current Members

Umubyeyi Benoite, RN, MscMHN, PhDc



Umubyeyi Benoite is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, a Lecturer in the Department of Mental Health, School of Nursing, College of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Rwanda. She holds a master’s degree in Mental Health Nursing from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and she is currently completing a PhD degree in Nursing Education Leadership from Western University, Canada.

Benoite has been a pioneer in the initiatives to rebuild the mental health sector in Rwanda, including educating and training nurses, mental health nurses, and mental health professionals at different levels of the health system. In addition to her academic position, Benoite has been the department head of mental health, and acting dean of the school of nursing.

Benoite’s primary areas of research include the mental health needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, perinatal mental health, mental health needs of University students, and clinical learning environments for the education of nurses.

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