Bios of Current Members

Chantal Van Audenhove, PhD

email chantal.vanaudenhove(at)

Prof. dr. Chantal Van Audenhove is a full professor at the Academic Center for General Medicine (ACHG). She teaches courses in psychology and applied communication for medical students and students in dentistry. She is also the director of LUCAS, the Centre for Care research and consultancy of KU Leuven, expert in practice- and policy oriented research. As promotor-coordinator of the Policy Research Centre for Welfare, Public Health and Family (SWVG) she is responsible for the management of a network of researchers all over Flanders.

Chantal Van Audenhove is a member of the SAR (Strategic Advice Board) of the Flemish government, a member of the collaboration platform for the Primary Care and Godmother of the ‘Alzheimerliga’.

Her research mainly focuses on mental health and the care for people suffering from dementia. Within the field of mental health care, her research projects deal with – among others – Community mental health care, prevention of depression and suicide, stigma and discrimination and vocational rehabilitation.

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