Contact Assessment (CA): A Screening Level Assessment for Emergency Department and Intake from Community/Hospital

The interRAI Contact Assessment (interRAI CA) Screener was created to provide information to support the home care intake process. The system was validated and refined through an interRAI / Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care collaboration. Three main goals guided its development:

  • to support decision making;
  • to record basic clinical information on persons who would not be receiving any additional comprehensive assessment at a later stage; and
  • to provide initial clinical information for end-of-life and long-term persons (maintenance, supportive, and long-stay rehabilitation) in order that short-term services, if necessary, could be put in place prior to completion of the full interRAI HC or interRAI PC Assessment.

In designing the interRAI CA, it was recognized that assessors interact with multiple informants (for example, prospective clients, spouses, children, health professionals) who contact home care agencies for a variety of purposes (for example, some may specifically request home care services, whereas others needing home care services may initially ask for information but not services). The needs of the person are expected to include both those explicitly stated by informants as well as previously unrecognized problems.

The interRAI CA is not a substitute for the comprehensive interRAI HC Assessment. It records only the most essential information needed at the time of intake to support decisions related to the need for more comprehensive assessment, the urgency for home care service provision, and the need for specialized services (for example, rehabilitation). The interRAI CA is not intended to be a care planning instrument like the interRAI HC, but it does provide some important clinical information needed at the onset of home care service provision.

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