Bios of Current Members

Eva Topinková, MD, PhD

email eva.topinkova(at)

Dr. Topinková is a professor at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, where she is director and chair of the Department of Geriatrics and is cross-appointed to the Department of Social Medicine and Public Health. She also serves as chair of the Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education in Prague.

She has performed several international research projects on ethics, resource allocation, and ageing; health service research in gerontology; epidemiology; and clinical geriatrics. She became an interRAI Fellow in 1995. She conducted the first validation of the RUG-III case-mix classification system in Eastern Europe and has piloted the interRAI Home Care (HC) and interRAI Palliative Care (PC) instruments in her country. Currently, she is the national coordinator in the AD HOC project. Professor Topinková was nominated as a national expert for the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission, Research and Technology Development, Key Action “Ageing and Disability,” and serves as an expert evaluator for European Commission research projects. She is a member of the steering group of the European Forum on Population Ageing Research Management. She is a scientific secretary and vice-president for research and education, Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Czech Medical Association, and is a member of several international scientific societies (IAG, IPA, ICGPN).

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