interRAI Originally, our name combined "international" with the name of the first assessment system, the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI). Since our founding, we've expanded our focus to include many additional populations, but have kept the name. Below are other important acronyms commonly used in our instruments.

AC Acute Care
ADL Activities of Daily Living
AL Assisted Living
Algorithm A precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem
ATC anatomical therapeutic chemical
BUN blood urea nitrogen
CA Contact Assessment
CAPs Clinical Assessment Protocols
CAPs Collaborative Action Plans
CF Mental Health for Correctional Facilities
CHA Community Health Assessment
CHESS Changes in Health, End-Stage Disease and Signs and Symptoms of medical problems
CMH Community Mental Health
CPS Cognitive Performance Scale
CVA cerebrovascular accident
DD Developmental Disability
DRS Depression Rating Scale
ESP Emergency Screener for Psychiatry
GI gastrointestinal
GU genitourinary
HC Home Care
IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
ICD-CM International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification
ID Intellectual Disability
iNEAC inteRAI Network of Excellence in Acute Care
iNEMH inteRAI Network of Excellence in Mental Health
LTCF Long-Term Care Facilities
MAPLe Method for Assigning Priority Levels
MDS Minimum Data Set
MH Mental Health
MHAPs Mental Health Assessment Protocols
NDC National Drug Code
NF Nursing Facility
NH Nursing Home
PAC Post-Acute Care
PC Palliative Care
PRN pro re nata (“as needed”)
PWD Persons With Disabilities
QI Quality Indicators
QOL Self-Report Quality of Life
RAI Resident Assessment Instrument
RAPs Resident Assessment Protocols
RUGs Resource Utilization Groups
TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
WELL Wellness