Bios of Current Members

Gunnar Ljunggren, MD, PhD
Senior Consultant,
Medical Advisor

email gunnar.ljunggren(at)

Dr. Ljunggren earned his medical degree from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and is a specialist in internal medicine and geriatric medicine. Between 1990 and 2006 he ran the Centre for Gerontology and Health Economics (CGH), based in Stockholm County, after which he joined the county council as a medical advisor. Now retired, he is linked as a researcher to Karolinska Institutet. His dissertation in 1992 included a validation of the RUG system in Swedish nursing homes and the first articles on cross-national comparisons, using interRAI instruments.

In addition to performing training in the various interRAI instruments, Dr. Ljunggren has been involved in studies in health economics and health services research for older persons as well as for people in mental health, palliative care, and acute care settings. Dr. Ljunggren is one of the two interRAI Fellows in Sweden and has served on the interRAI board. He has also been involved in several projects funded by the European Union. From its start almost twenty years ago, he has been a member of the Instrument and Systems Development (ISD) committee, developing new instruments and scales.

Currently, most of his time is spent evaluating health care using the administrative databases available in Stockholm and some local studies on care for older persons.

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