Bios of Current Members

Harriet Finne-Soveri, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer and Geriatric Consultant

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Dr. Finne-Soveri, MD, PhD is chief of the home care physician services at Helsinki and guest professor at the National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) in Finland. She became an interRAI Fellow in 1997, has been a member of the board and the chair of the Strategic Planning Committee since 2001, and became executive vice president of interRAI in 2011. She graduated from the University of Helsinki in 1980 and became board certified in geriatric medicine in 1994, has been involved in research in the geriatric field since 1982, and with the interRAI instruments since 1995.

Dr. Finne-Soveri defended her doctoral thesis about pain among older residents in institutions in 2001, earned her PhD in 2003, and was appointed adjunct professor in geriatric medicine in 2009. Her research areas cover multiple clinical fields in elderly care services. Dr. Finne-Soveri has worked as a general practitioner (1980–1989), as physician in Koskela Hospital (1989–1999), and at the University Hospital of Helsinki (1990–1993). She acted as senior medical officer (2000–2010) in the Helsinki Social Department nursing homes (1,000 beds). She has taught medical students at the University of Helsinki since 1993. She has been a member of the European Academy for Medicine in Ageing (EAMA) since 1998. She has written more than 400 columns in different magazines, including a regular column in the Finnish Medical Journal (2003–2008). She was elected "the woman of the year" by the BPW-Finland in 2001, and "the geriatrician of the year" in 2006 by the Association of Geriatricians, in Finland.

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