Bios of Current Members

Hein van Hout, PhD

email hein.vanhout(at)

Dr. van Hout is a senior researcher at the VU University Medical Center of Amsterdam and coordinates the primary care geriatric research. His primary research interests are case-finding, prevention and treatment of persons with dementia, depression, and somatic frailty in primary care and residential care homes. He boards the Amsterdam Center on Aging. He is board member of NedRAI, the Dutch Society to stimulate use of interRAI instruments. He is a member of Interdem, a European expert group on timely diagnosis and psychosocial interventions in dementia patients and their caregivers.

He has a master's in clinical psychology and health philosophy from the University of Maastricht and had postgraduate training in epidemiology. He received a PhD in medicine from the University Medical Center Nijmegen where his work focused on diagnostics of dementia.

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