Hospital Systems

interRAI has developed a fully integrated set of hospital systems designed to perform a range of general and specialised assessment functions across the hospital continuum of care.  The systems include:

  • for Emergency Department settings (interRAI ED Screener, and interRAI ED Contact Assessment) System and the interRAI Emergency Screener for Psychiatry (ESP));
  • for Acute Care settings (interRAI Acute Care (AC) Assessment for all adults and the interRAI Acute Care for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (AC-CGA) Assessment for those needing a more comprehensive evaluation);
  • for inpatient Mental Health settings (interRAI Mental Health (MH) assessment for adults requiring comprehensive mental health assessment); and
  • for Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation settings (interRAI Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PAC-Rehab) Assessment).

These systems share a core set of clinical observations and in most cases a set of scalar measures that enable direct comparison of problem severity across the hospital continuum of care.  When used sequentially, many observations from a previous phase of care can be brought forward, often without modification (e.g., premorbid measures, once collected, are then available within all subsequent assessments, or other measures, which are unlikely to change such as hearing status or height).  Others can be presented and updated as a patient transitions across the hospital continuum of care. 

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For further information please contact the chair of the interRAI Network in Acute Care (iNAC)Len Gray.