interRAI Network of Mental Health (iNMH)


New: interRAI Mental Health Instruments Showcased in Special Journal Issue

A special issue of Healthcare Management Forum (HMF) features eight articles focussed on interRAI mental health assessments.

HMF is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Canadian College of Health Leaders. The special issue features articles on diverse mental health issues using data from the interRAI Mental Health (MH), Emergency Screener for Psychiatry (ESP), Brief Mental Health Screener (BMHS), Child and Youth Mental Health (ChYMH), and RAI-Home Care. The special issue is fully Open Access and includes a guest editorial by Edgardo Perez, a world-renowned authority in recovery, mental health, and addictions and long-time supporter of interRAI.

In addition to the special feature issue, the publishers (SAGE) developed a 20 minute podcast featuring a conversation on the interRAI Mental Health instruments with insights from Edgardo Perez, Barbara Pizzingrilli and John Hirdes. In addition, interRAI Canada developed a video highlighting the exciting contents of this special issue that includes interviews with authors and interRAI Fellows John Hirdes, Ron Hoffman, Krista Mathias and more.

The articles, podcast and video can be accessed using the links below.

HMF Special Issue 2015: 

HMF July 2015 Podcast: Mental Health

Video “Improving Mental Health Services with the interRAI Assessment System”


About iNMH

The interRAI Network of Mental Health (iNMH), chaired by John P. Hirdes PhD, was established in 2005 to increase interRAI’s capacity to support research and implementation of the interRAI family of mental health instruments. The iNMH is comprised of about 30 researchers and clinicians from nine countries (Canada, United States, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Australia, Chile, Peru, Russia) with a broad range of expertise in mental health services for populations of all ages.

The iNMH has a broad program of research including development and refinement of the Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) across the continuum of mental health and developmental service settings; development of supplements to existing instruments (e.g., forensic and child/youth justice supplements); evaluation of mental health needs of persons in prisons; case-mix systems for mental health; mental health quality indicators; quality of life in mental health settings; and cross-national comparisons of outcomes in inpatient and community mental health.

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iNMH Members

Barbaree, Howard
Brown, Greg
Chi, Iris
Declercq, Anja
Finne-Soveri, Harriet
Fries, Brant
Garms-Homolová, Vjenka
Gindin, Jacob
Head, Michael
Hirdes, Alica
Hirdes, John
Hoffman, Ron
Kehyayan, Vahe
Laurenson, Duncan
Mathias, Krista
Martin, Lynn
Morris, John
Murphy, Kathrine
Neufeld, Eva
Perlman, Chris
Rabinowitz, Terry
Saarela, Tuula
Sluchevskay, Sofia
Smith, Trevor
Stewart, Shannon
Valdimarsdottir, Rakel
van Audenhove, Chantal
van Hout, Hein
van Marwijk, Harm
Yamauchi, Keita