interRAI Network of Acute Care (iNAC)

As part of its effort to promote and encourage development of specific instrument groups, interRAI has established "Networks of Excellence" in special areas, including acute hospital care and mental health.

The interRAI Network of Acute Care (for older persons) concentrates attention on instrument development and research in and around hospital care.  The work encompasses the ED screener, the interRAI Acute Care (AC), the interRAI Post-Acute Care (PAC) and assessment in the community after discharge from hospitals. Harmonization of these instruments, and the clinical processes that they support, is leading to the development of a comprehensive "Mini-Suite" of assessment tools — fully compatible with the wider interRAI suite — for hospital care of older persons.

The Network is led by Professor Len Gray. The Network has met regularly since May 2011 — in person and through teleconference.  It comprises some 30 academic clinicians and scientists from 14 nations.

Members of the iNAC committee

Ariño Blasco, Sergio
Berg, Katherine
Bernabei, Roberto
Bjornson, Jan
Costa, Andrew
Cruz, Carlos
Declercq, Anja
Fialova, Daniela
Fries, Brant
Gambassi, Giovanni
Gardent, Henriette
Garms-Homolová, Vjenka
Gindin, Jacob
Gray, Len
Heckman, George
Hirdes, John
Hubbard, Ruth
Jónsson, Pálmi
Kergoat, Marie-Jeanne
Ljunggren, Gunnar
Macijauskiene, Jurate
Martin-Khan, Melinda
Monod, Stefanie
Mor, Vincent
Morris, John
Nonemaker, Sue
Sinha, Samir
Sjöstrand, Fredrik
Sorbye, Liv Wergeland
Steel, Knight
Swoboda, Walter
Topinková, Eva
Wellens, Nathalie