Mental Health for In-Patient Psychiatry (MH)

The interRAI Mental Health (MH) Assessment System is a comprehensive standardized instrument for evaluating the needs, strengths and preferences of adults with mental illness in in-patient psychiatric settings. This instrument allows for assessment of key domains of function, mental and physical health, social support and service use; with particular items identifying those who could benefit from further evaluation of specific problems to help prevent risk of further decline and improve functioning. The interRAI MH replaced the RAI-MH Version 2.0 as the international standard for inpatient assessment of adults in mental health settings in 2007. The interRAI MH is being implemented in Iceland and Finland.

The domain areas covered by the interRAI MH include all domains in the RAI-MH version 2.0.

Brief Mental Health Screener (BMHS)

The interRAI Brief Mental Health Screener (BMHS) was developed to provide police officers with a tool that would help them to identify persons in the community with mental health problems and to assist them in communicating their observations to appropriate health care professionals. Core items on the BMHS were extracted from a sample of 40,000 cases in the Ontario Mental Health Reporting System database for the RAI-MH version 2.0. Additional items were also identified through collaboration with police officers, hospital personnel, administrators and mental health care workers. A pilot study was conducted over an eight month period commencing in 2011 with the participation of two police services, four general hospitals and one psychiatric facility in southern Ontario, Canada.

The effectiveness of the instrument is being evaluated by testing the association between police officer ratings on the form and clinician’s assessments conducted in the emergency department (ED) of the general hospitals. The ultimate goal underlying the development and use of the BMHS is to ensure that people with mental health problems who come in contact with the police receive prompt access to appropriate mental health services, reducing the risk of criminalization. Results of the pilot study should be available by the fall of 2012.

MH Instrument Supplements in Development

The interRAI Forensic Supplement (FS) is a standardized instrument for evaluating the needs of persons with a forensic background intended to help assess criminogenic risk. It is a one page supplement to the interRAI MH and interRAI CMH designed to allow front-line assessment of risk prior to detailed forensic evaluation by psychologist. The interRAI FS is currently being pilot tested across 8 Provincial Forensic Programs in Ontario, Canada. The pilot data will be used to assist in the development of outcome scales and CAPs specific to forensic mental health population.

The domains covered by the FS include:

  • Identification Information
  • Mental State Indicators
  • Criminal Involvement
  • Behaviour
  • Life Events
  • Social Relations
  • Resources for Discharge

The interRAI Addictions Supplement (AS) works as a companion to the interRAI MH and interRAI CMH for evaluating the needs of persons with substance use and comorbid mental health issues. While the interRAI MH and CMH contain content directly and indirectly related to substance use and addictions, the interRAI AS provides further information for understanding the severity of addiction. It is designed to support the assessment of addiction severity for informing care planning and outcome monitoring. The interRAI AS is currently being pilot tested across community and inpatient mental health settings in South Africa, Chile, Canada and the United States. The pilot data will be used to refine the instrument and assist in the development of measures such as scales or CAPs specific to addictions.

The domains covered by the AS include:

  • History of Addictions Issues
  • Prior Health Service Use Related to Addictions
  • Physical Health Issues and Diseases Related to Substance Use
  • Video Gaming and Internet Use
  • Readiness, Need, and Supports for Change

For further information, please contact John Hirdes, chair of the interRAI Network of Mental Health (iNMH).

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