Bios of Current Members

Jan Bjørnson, MB.CHB.

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Jan Bjornson b.1939) married to Elisabeth – 4 children and 12 grandchildren

Physician - MB.CHB. Aberdeen University 1964, specialist in internal medicine, renal disease and geriatrics. Doctoral thesis 1978 University of Oslo Established geriatric services in two hospitals in Oslo with a new outreaching service linking hospital and primary care. Engaged in InterRAI from 1995 and hosted an InterRAI meeting in Oslo in 1999. Was a member of the group who developed the RAI AC instrument. Engaged in research on RAI instruments especially with colleges of the NordRAI group, with several publications on Documentation in hospitals and predictions of outcome. After retiring from hospital work in 2005 I have spent time lecturing and still do on The Ageing Process from a holistic perspective.

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