Bios of Current Members

John N. Morris, PhD, MSW

email john.morris(at)

Dr. Morris’s primary research interest focuses on issues relating to developing comprehensive assessment systems to assist in our understanding of the needs of persons who are served in a wide variety of care settings — including elders in home and long-term care, adults in mental health and post-acute programs, and persons living alone in the community.

He has also concentrated on developing assessment support tools derived from these assessments — summary descriptive scales, care priority algorithms, clinical care protocols, and quality indicators. He has lead interRAI’s effort in developing systems for long-term care, home care, post-acute care, and subjective quality of life. With collaborators in interRAI, and the Hebrew SeniorLife, he has developed quality indicators for use in long-term care, post-acute care, and home care. He is one of three official founders of interRAI (along with Drs. Fries and Steel). He sits on the interRAI board and Strategic and Operations Planning Committee (SPOC). He is chairperson of the Instrument and Systems Development Committee (ISD), and with his fellow ISD committee members he has worked to further interRAI’s goal of having an integrated assessment system that cuts across health settings. In the United States, Dr. Morris is one of the founders of the COLLAGE VITALIZE system, a network of housing sites across the USA that make use of interRAI’s community assessment tools — interRAI Check-Up (CU) and interRAI Wellness (WELL). Finally, Dr. Morris is the president of a local group in Massachusetts working to preserve an old fishing schooner — the Adventure.

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