Bios of Current Members

Jyrki Heikkilä, MD, PhD
Medical Director

email jyrki.heikkila(at)

Dr. Heikkilä works as medical director of Section of psychotic disorders, Turku University Central Hospital, Department of Psychiatry. The hospital offers specialized medical services for the Southwest Province of Finland (little less than 0,5 million inhabitants). Dr. Heikkilä has introduced mental health RAI-instruments in his own organization in 2013, and has participated two iNMH-meetings as an invited guest.

Dr. Heikkilä has specialized in psychiatry in 1990 and made his doctoral thesis in 2005 about personality profile and family characteristics in first-episode severe mental disorders. He has participated several research project on schizophrenia and risk factors of psychosis. His is chair of Schizohrenia Network, a section of Finnish Psychiatric Association. He is a licensed individual and family psychotherapist. Dr. Heikkilä has participated national and international projects on developing electronic patient records for integrated mental health care. His special interest is integration of care between specialized and non-specialized mental health and social services. He is a member of the workgroup planning mental health and substance use services for the Southwest Province of Finland as part of the national reform of regional government, health and social services.

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