Bios of Current Members

Magnus Björkgren, PhD
Unit Director

email magnus.bjorkgren(at)

Dr. Björkgren is the head of the Health Science Unit at the Jyväskylä University, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius in Finland. He received his master's degree in social science from the Åbo Academy University in 1992 and his doctoral degree in health economics and management from the University of Helsinki in 2002. In interRAI he is the chair of the Web Site, Implementation and Training Commitee (WIT) and member of the Instrument and Systems Development Committee (ISD). His area of expertise is within case-mix classification, cost analysis, and efficiency measurement. He has led several projects developing IT and educational solutions for implementing interRAI instruments in Finland. Dr Björkgren is the developer of the RUG-III payment system for long-term care in Finland, and the RUG-III based case-mix system for home care (RUG-III/HC).

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