Bios of Current Members

Marianne Schroll, MD

email marianne.schroll(at)

Dr. Schroll was born in Denmark in 1942 and received her medical degree in 1961. In 1977 she became a specialist in geriatric medicine, and from 1991 – 2007 was a professor of geriatric medicine at Cophenhagen University, Denmark. In 1991 she became an interRAI Fellow after an interRAI symposium at the European Congress of Gerontology in Madrid. She was also the project leader for Life in Nursing Homes, an interRAI investigation of all nursing homes in Copenhagen. Dr. Schroll formed DANRAI along with colleagues Kiddy ElKholy and Karin Damkjaer. She is active in NordRAI and Eurai and has led Danish projects on interRAI Acute Care and interRAI Home Care. She has four children and twelve grandchildren, and currently lives happily in retirement with her husband in Roskilde.

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