Bios of Current Members

Matthieu de Stampa, MD, PhD
Geriatrician, Public Health Physician

Matthieu de Stampa (MD, PhD) is a geriatrician and a public health physician in Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris (AP-HP) in Paris. He is the medical director of the Hospital at Home (HAH) of the APHP. He is researcher in the Unité Mixte de Recherche (UMR) 1168 INSERM, UVSQ, Vieillissement et Maladies Chroniques (VIMA). Since 2018, he is the vice-president of interRAI France, a non profit organization created by Pr. Jean Claude Henrard in 2000.

He has a master degree in epidemiology (Kremlin-Bicètre University), a Public Health and a Geriatrician Diploma (Cochin-René Descartes University), and a PhD in Public Health (Reims University with a French Canadian co-tutorial). He did a one-year research training at the Solidage Research Group (McGill University and Montreal University) in 2003 on the integrated models of care. The participation of the primary care physicians in the community models of care and the intensive case management are one of his topics.

He was the co-promoter of the COPA model (COordination Personnes Agées) which was one of the first experimentations of the integration of care in France. COPA was a community bottom-up implementation model with a single entry point, an intensive case management, a two-person team of the primary care physician and the case manager with a support from the hospital settings. Then, he has worked as an expert for the DGS (Direction Générale pour la Santé) for the implementation of the integration of care in the French territory with the MAIAs device (Méthode Action Intégration Automie) Alzheimer).   

Since 2016, with interRAI France’s team, he supports the national choice of an unique evaluation instrument for the case managers in France, interRAI-HC, a project which is conducted by the governmental agency: the National Autonomy Support Fund (CNSA). 


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