On February 20, in Brisbane Australia, the interRAI Hospital Systems, including the “new” interRAI Acute Care, was officially launched by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research of the University of Queensland, Professor Robyn Ward.

The University hosts the Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine, which is led by Professor Len Gray, who, in turn, leads the interRAI Network for Acute Care.

The setting for the launch was the Global Forum for Acute Care Excellence, which gathered a wide range of international experts in the care of frail and vulnerable people in the hospital setting.  Speakers reviewed the current performance of our hospitals in caring for these individuals and considered systems and practices that might lead to improvements. Click here for speakers' presentations. 

The interRAI Hospital Systems comprises an integrated suite of assessments for each hospital setting (emergency department, acute and post-acute care).  Specialised systems focus on patients who require comprehensive geriatric assessment, mental health appraisal or rehabilitation.  The focus of these systems is functional and psychosocial issues, an understanding of which is critically important to plan excellent and efficient care.

The embedded interRAI Acute Care for all adults provides a concise but comprehensive system that identifies problems associated with function and psycho-social status.  It includes diagnostic and risk screeners, scales to measure and monitor problem severity, and quality indicators.  It can be completed in less than 15 minutes in the majority of patients. 

For the first time, a group of assessments can identify frail and vulnerable people and support their journeys of across the entire hospital continuum.

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