Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PAC-Rehab)

The interRAI Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PAC-Rehab) Assessment is a comprehensive assessment system designed for all rehabilitation and post-acute hospital settings.  While many patients will be transferred to these settings from acute care settings, the system also caters for patients who may be admitted directly from the community.  It can be used as a partner system to either the interRAI Acute Care (AC) Assessment or the interRAI Acute Care for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (AC-CGA) Systems, wherein previously collected data can be directly transferred from the prior assessments to this new assessment to expedite its completion. 

The interRAI PAC-Rehab System includes a wide range of diagnostic and risk screeners, outcome measures, clinical assessment protocols, quality indicators (QI) and casemix tools.  Furthermore, this assessment system contains all the observations required to classify patients into the Resource Utilisation Groups III System.

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For further information please contact the chair of the interRAI Network in Acute Care (iNAC)Len Gray.