Bios of Current Members


Valérie Cérase, MD
Geriatrician and Public Health Physician 


Valérie Cérase is a geriatrician and public health physician in Marseille. She is the medical director in the Alzheimer’s Disease Institute (non-profit organization Institut de la Maladie d’Alzheimer - IMA) and the geriatric physician in a home care service for an elderly and day hospital located in the Geriatric Health Center of the territory Bouches du Rhône, Centre Gérontologique Départemental (CGD).

From July 2018, she is the president of interRAI France, a non-profit organization created by Pr. Jean Claude Henrard in 2000.

She has degree in hospital care systems from Paris VII University, 1990; a Public Health and Social Medicine Diploma from Paris V, René Descartes University, 2000; and a Geriatrician Diploma from Paris V, René Descartes University, 2001.

She completed her thesis and master's work on "Quality Indicators in long term care: Application of RAI methodology" with Pr. Jean Claude Henrard as director.

For five years, she was in charge of several Nursing Homes in Marseille and used RAI NH to assess residents and elaborate care plans.

The Alzheimer’s Disease Institute delivers different services for AD’s caregivers. In this organization, Valérie Cérase created consultations for families and caregivers who have difficulties dealing with Dementia in day to day life. She has to implement a new program called "Culture and Alzheimer" and its evaluation will be conducted with the RAI HC tool.

Since 2008, she established a health facility for frail elderly (75 years and over) who live at home in Marseille city. To structure clinical and support services, people are first assessed with RAI HC.

With the Alzheimer’s Disease project, a five-year Public Health government program that ran from 2008-2012, she was in charge of experimentation to conduct an integrated care system in two districts of Marseille. The governmental experimentations was called MAIA, "Méthode d’Action pour l’Intégration des services d’aides et de soins dans le champ de l’Autonomie." She implements in the meantime the intensive case managment with target population (complex case) in the same territory. She led the case manager’s team, and was responsible for teaching and training them. In 2014, the project was extended to the entire city (more than 800,000 people).

The project in Marseille was based on the interRAI Contact Assessment (CA) and interRAI Home Care (HC). Valérie Cérase is in charge of interRAI system development. During the whole experimentation (2008 - 2012), Valerie and her team noticed that health and social professionals were more and more at ease with the tools, which was very helpfull for success of the integrated care project.

From 2011 to 2017, she was in charge of the case manager’s teaching in Aix Marseille University (AMU).

Since 2016, with interRAI France’s team, she supports the national choice of a unique evaluation instrument for the case managers in France (the interRAI HC), a project which is conducted by governmental agency the National Autonomy Support Fund (CNSA).


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