interRAI Instruments Worldwide

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interRAI instruments have been adopted around the world, bringing a standard level of care to geriatric and disabled populations. The map above shows where and how the interRAI instruments are being used.

interRAI instruments are either "Mandated" by states, governments, or institutions, or are "In Use/Testing". They can be mandated on a regional/local or on a national scale; this info is contained in the dialog box that appears when you click the instrument's icon, along with helpful links.

  • Mandated (by government or large institution) - indicated by black font in icons
  • In Use/Testing - indicated by white font in icons

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We are posting this map as a work in progress to show the global reach of interRAI instruments, rather than to accurately depict of-the-moment instrument status, for which we encourage you to contact the interRAI Fellow in your region. We update this  map regularly to reflect interRAI's expanding user base. If you have questions about what interRAI instruments are in use in your area, or notice any errors or omissions in the posted map, please contact us at